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Water Type Fire Extinguisher Water

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22 Feb 2022
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Specification of Water Type Fire Extinguisher Water

Product Specification Water Type Fire Extinguisher

Water is one of the most useful media in extinguishing fires and is cost effective compared to all other fire fighting equipment. A water-filled fire extinguisher has a pressure in the tube that produces a concentrated flow allowing the user of the tube to extinguish fires from a greater distance than ordinary spray nozzle types.

This type of water extinguisher works through a cooling effect on the fire, flowing water discharge to the fire, lowering the temperature of the fuel to below the ignition point. Good for fighting fires involving burning paper, wood and soft furnishings (class A fires).

It is important to remember that water is an electrolyte and conducts electricity. However, the conductivity problem can be overcome by using water extinguishers with environmentally friendly additives, making these fire extinguishers more compact and high performance, which is up to 300% more effective than traditional water fire extinguishers. To ensure that this extinguisher is safe, it must be tested first and it usually has an electrical symbol indicating that it can be used on electrical equipment.

There are various sizes of gas fire extinguishers provided by companies engaged in fire extinguishers (Fire extinguishers) from 1 Kg, 2 Kg, 3 Kg, 4.5 Kg, 6 Kg, 9 Kg, 12, and there are also sizes larger ones by using a troll to move them. The larger sizes are Kg, 25 Kg, 45 Kg, 50 Kg, 70 Kg, and 90 Kg. So that its use can be adjusted to the needs of the company or personal.

We from YULIA SAFETY JAKARTA accept orders in the form of parties or wholesale. We will also provide wholesale prices if the purchase of goods in large quantities. For more information, please contact our admin. Thank you.

Light Fire Extinguisher.

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